HYDROPNEUMATIC || 50 years of experience in Oil & Gas, 50 years of design and production

HYDROPNEUMATIC | Wellhead Equipment & Controls


50 years of experience in Oil & Gas,
50 years of design and production.

A complete line of products for Oil & Gas

Founded in 1968 in Piacenza, Italy, HYDROPNEUMATIC started as an entrepreneurial venture thanks to the vision of his founder. Over the course of fifty years HP has now transformed into a global organization joining in October 2017 the ATV Group.
This operation has enriched the product portfolio, bringing on board new resources and consolidated experiences; the aim is now to generate synergies and enhance efficiency both in operations, engineering and sales.

The Company continued over the years its specialization in the design and manufacturing of engineered and tailor-made upstream equipment (valves, actuators, control & safety systems, HPU and ancillaries).
Our more than 50 year track record supplying to major Oil&Gas companies are testament to our passion and commitment in providing the utmost of quality, high technology engineering, innovation and service to our customers.
With our products & solutions portfolio that spans the entire lifecycle of an upstream oil & gas asset, we can support our customer business growth.

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