HYDROPNEUMATIC || Wellhead Control Panels incorporates pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic valve controls, emergency shutdown, manual override and safety shutdown

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Wellhead Control Panels

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WellHead Control Panels

A Wellhead Control Panels incorporates pneumatic, hydraulic, and electronic valve controls for sequential valve operation (opening & closing of SSV and SSSV), emergency shutdown, manual override and safety shutdown. (reference 14C).
The WHCP supply pressure is generated by air driven or electrically driven pumps and displayed by means of gauges, electronic indicators, and configurable HMI.
Panels are constructed of stainless steel for corrosion resistance (NACE MR-01-75) and designed for ease of operation and access to panel components for maintenance (reference IP standards).
Wellhead Control Panels may be Single Well or Multi Well designed for offshore or onshore applications. Multi Well Control Panels are inherently single well panels, referred to as modules, grouped in a common Panel to allow control a number of wells, e.g. offshore multi-well production platforms.
The Modules can be isolated or removed without disrupting the functionality of other modules of the panel.
Solar powered Control Panels provide an alternative energy source per customer specifications when the primary power supply is not reliable or when the well is located in a remote location where electric power is not available.

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Typical Applications

  • WVSSV Control
  • MVSSV Control
  • SCSSSV Control
  • Choke Control
  • Gas Lift Control
  • Fire Protection
  • Flowline PSL / PSH
  • Remote Control / Stations Emergency Shutdown Local / Remote

Power Supply Options Include

  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic
  • Flow Line Gas
  • Electric/Solar Power
  • Manual Self Contained


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