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HYDROPNEUMATIC | Wellhead Equipment & Controls

Quality Policy

Hydropneumaticis specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of products (gate and choke valves, actuators, control units) for the Oil & Gas market and energy production.

The management intends:

  • Achieve maximum customer satisfaction in terms of quality and delivery times, also considering the needs of other interested parties;
  • Pursue continuous improvement of QMS effectiveness by controlling and optimizing company processes and consolidating the collaboration relationship with suppliers;
  • Provide products in compliance with the requirements of all applicable specifications, standards and regulations;
  • Operate competitively on the market.

The objectives listed above are pursued by Hydropneumatic through:

  • A Quality Management System in accordance with the main international standards, such as UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, API Q1 9th ed. and to the PED Directive 2014/68 / EU of the European Parliament;
  • Obtaining and maintaining product certifications and licenses (eg API 6A, 6D);
  • The dissemination of the Quality culture to all personnel, involving them and making them aware of the contribution that each activity can make to the effectiveness of the QMS;
  • The optimization of the internal organization through a process approach and a careful assessment of risks and opportunities at all company levels, in particular as regards the management of changes deemed significant;
  • Increasing the efficiency of business processes through actions aimed at reducing costs, waste and non-conformities;
  • The definition and monitoring of indicators relating to the main business processes in order to verify the achievement of quality objectives or to promptly intervene through corrective actions in the event of deviations;
  • Planning of activities to achieve the objectives for quality and the periodic re-evaluation of the adequacy of the quality policy;
  • Increased production capacity.

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The Management

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